Somfy Protect Home Alarm

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A truly smart alarm, the Somfy protect home alarm that provides you with peace of mind in the safety of your home and family. As a smart alarm the Somfy protect alarm is connected to the internet to provide advanced access, usability and functionality.

  • Automatic arming and disarming with intelligent key fobs
  • Intelletags identify potential intrusion, and notify you immediately
  • Control and monitor from a free smart IOS or andriod application
  • Works with Alexa, Google home, Nest, IFTTT and more
  • Pet friendly motion sensors
  • Customisable night mode protecting your doors and windows while you sleep


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This package includes

  • 1 x Somfy Link (system hub)
  • 3 x IntelliTAG (door and window sensors)
  • 2 x Key Fob (Presence sensors)
  • 1 x PIR (indoor motion sensor)
  • 1 x Indoor Siren
  • UK + EU plugs
  • User manual

Control the system how you want

The alarm can be armed and disarmed in multiple ways:

  • Automatic arming – If all household members hold a key fob, when the last of these leave the property the alarm will automatically arm, meaning you do not need to remember to arm this every time you leave your home.
  • Manual arming via fob – The key fob has quick arming and disarming functions as well as a quick setting for night mode
  • Manual arming via app – The alarm connects to the Somfy smart phone application for android and IOS, and allows you to control the arming and disarming of the system from your smart phone
  • Manual arming via voice – When connected to Amazon Alexa or Google home, you can simply issue the command, arm alarm as you are leaving your home.


Nest protect notifications

Get instantly notified

When the alarm is active and any of the devices are triggered, the internal siren will sound at 110db and you will get an instant notification direct to any smart phone that is logged into the account on the app, so multiple members of the family can be notified and take instant action, if you combine your system with internet connected security cameras you can view these on your smart phone to check if the intruder has fled.

Window and door sensors that stop intruders before they enter.

The Somfy protect Intelletags contain sense vibration and movement, and are intelligently programmed to identify the difference between normal events like a ball hitting the window, from the signs of a real intrusion. The tags are small and discreet, fitted into the corner of any door or window. The pack comes with 3 intelletags, but these can also be purchased individually.

Highly intelligent motion sensors

Detecting movement and changes in heat tempreture, these small and discreet motion sensors are reliable both during the day and at night time, they will ignore any movement from pets, and they are small and discreetly mounted into the corner of any room.

Expandable system

While the Somfy protect alarm pack provides good coverage for a small home, for those with larger homes, it is easy to connect additional intelletags motion sensors, and fobs, allowing you to expand your system to suit your needs. There are also additional items that can make your system stronger and more secure, including external siren, and cameras.

Smart home compatibility

Combine with your smart home

The great advantage of any smart system, is combining this with the rest of your smart home and the Somfy protect alarm allows you to do this with multiple integrations available. This works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and Nest, meaning that you can add functions such as voice activated arming and disarming, combine with smart lighting to make your lights flash when the alarm is activated and many more.

Choose self install or professional installation

Smartn are able to provide you with the choice between installing this product yourself, or providing a full professional install. If you choose self install our phone agents are happy to help you through the installation of the product. If you choose professional install, then our smart home technician will be able to fully plan your system to ensure 360° coverage, they will ensure placement of the devices for best reliability and minimum amount of false alarms, and they will also be able to provide the configuration with any additional smart home systems you may have.

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