Incredible Value

Due to modern advancements in technology by high quality trusted brands, we can offer excellent smart homes with more features than our competitors but at a fraction of the price. Our Smart homes are for everyone, we aim to ensure that no matter the budget we can accommodate every customer.

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Wireless Retrofit

Our wireless retrofit approach to smart home fitting means that there is no need to modify the structural elements of your home, no additional holes in the wall, no need for extra plastering or decorating. This approach allows our solutions to be easily fitted into rented properties, and moved when you move home, it is also far more cost effective. Our installers are also experts in wifi networking, ensuring that your network remains fast, regardless of the amount of smart home devices you require.

Voice activation

All of our systems come with voice activation as standard. We work with both Amazon Echo and Google Home devices to allow you to activate all of your smart home devices by voice. This also allows our customers to access the huge range of additional features available from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant services.

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