Company Profile

We work with trusted brands to supply and fit the latest technology to create simple and affordable smart home solutions. Based in Salisbury UK but serving the whole South of England, Smartn provide a personal service, that ensures our customers get the ideal solution to fit their needs.

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Our mission and vision

At Smartn we believe that smart homes are for everyone. Our goal is to create smart homes that bring much more than just the wow factor. We ensure that we provide real world benefit in peoples lives. This is achieved by ensuring that we understand our customers and our customers understand the possibilities and how these are attained.

Our values

At Smartn we consistently deliver our key values:


Our team ensure that they conduct themselves with high levels of honesty and integrity, ensuring that all actions are in the interest of the customer and all agreements are honoured.


Our team work consistently well as a combined unit, ensuring communication is always a key factor in delivering our service.


Every job carried out by a Smartn installer is delivered to the highest quality, we treat every home with respect and will always ensure we fit our equipment in a manner that takes this into consideration.

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