Over the next 5 years technology developments are set to dramatically change the way many of us live. This is mainly due to connected technology, and voice assistants which have seen a significant insurgence into the market over the last year.

While smart homes have begun to be heavily adopted in the United states, the UK are yet to really embrace the new technology, but there is no question this will be changing, as connected home technology is now becoming a very affordable option.

Products have now been developed so that consumers can have considerable control of their home systems and appliances across the internet. This includes lighting, heating, security and entertainment systems, along with a huge range of appliances, including hoovers, washing machines and cookers to name a few.

Smart Entertainment

A few of the clever things smart tech can do right now

Voice control your home

Control your lighting, heating, security and entertainment systems by voice.

App control your home

Control your complete home systems via app from anywhere in the world.

Setup full automation processes

A home that knows when you’re home and away, what room you’re in, when you want to watch TV or want to sleep

So what could be in the future of smart living?

Over the next 5 years technology will move very fast, and everything within our lives will have the potential to be connected. AI will gradually begin to develop, and new devices will begin to have the sensory capabilities to learn and monitor your home for with their own intelligence and return that information through our voice activated devices, ultimately having real conversations with us and providing information that we may not be aware of.

Connected living will also begin to move out of homes and into our daily life, both by monitoring our health with the help of wearable devices or health scanners, and benefiting our transport with connected vehicles, even to the level of self driving cars.

Visiting the supermarket could be a thing of the past, with your home monitoring your consumption and re ordering food for delivery on your behalf.

Insurance companies are also gradually appreciating the higher levels of security that a connected home provides and will are beginning to offer additional advantages for customers who have connected homes.

With every development that improves our lives product manufacturers are also ensuring that energy efficiency of homes is constantly being improved.

How Smartn aim to be part of this change

We are here to make it easy for consumers to adopt this new technology, without having to spend time learning all of the technical elements of setup and usage. Our goal will be to support our customers in adopting and maintaining smart living at an early stage, so as the technology advances the transition is easy and smooth.

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